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It was~

The Burn Machine – 12LB

Burn Machine was designed for boxing contestants and popular since 2013 in U.S.A / Australia, Germany, Japan, Asia...etc. Burn Machine was for boxer warm-up before the competitions at beginning, but it became to fit-up tool for lots of man. It combines dumbbell, speed ball functions, and train user weight/speed/strength skills at the same time. Most of users are feeling powerful and valuable on Burn Machine.
It trains users both cardio &weight functions at the same time, so it fits current people live style, no time to work-out. Users could exercise with short time but exert extremely.

The Burn Machine At The 2011 UFC Fan Expo

Unlimited 10LB

Biceps + triceps + pectoralis major + deltoid
UFC Contestants Warm-Up Equipment
Training Classes for a whole week schedule with detail instructions with product.
The most powerful training tool for upper body
More Power / Strength / Muscular Endurance exceed The Burn Machine

Unlimited show you WHAT to be trained & HOW
How to train muscles?
Muscles are 3 functions : Power,Strength, Muscular Endurance. These 3 functions are related with
the way muscles grow, and they are indispensable.

Users could train these three important functions with just one equipment - Unlimited

The difference between Burn Machine & Unlimited is strength knob. When the Unlimited strength knob is
turned to the highest resistance, your muscles will need to exert greater force to rotate Unlimited.
Take extra care with your wrist joints at certain angles when the Unlimited strength knob is turned to the
highest resistance.

Unlimited offer weight / twister methods with unique 360o handle design, and users could feel weight 

changing when you are working-out are balance / symmetric/ comprehensive.

Comprehensivetraining - users will feel powerful about 10 minutes after using Unlimited.
Notonly triceps & biceps, but all upper body are all trained, includingmuscles in chart by rotating angles in
using Unlimited.

Review Burn Machine 12 LBS training method and functions:

Stimulate Muscle grow  X  Promote Muscular Endurance

  Unlimited is offering strength to facilitate all muscles parts in your body. Tracks are all controlled by user and users could train muscles with different  facilitates
 / directions.

Weight training is not only from product weight itself, but strength knob also.Unlimited increases dynamical friction when rotating. Unlimited upgrades the difficulties strongly to force your arm/ chest/ back/ belly, legs to support your body with more power.


Amplified Training Power -> Bulk Muscles Appearance

Unlimited  is advance type from Burn Machine. Unlimited increases the training strength by providing
adjustable strength knob. That means users use more power for training(rotating).

The Reasons you choose Unlimited
Unlimited are providing strength / pressure in order to stimulate muscles to grow. 
The difference between Unlimited & other fitness equipment is users control the tracks by your own.
That means users could control which muscle needs to be trained more by changing different directions.
User could make muscles grow more comprehensive and more powerful.

By using Unlimited, users could exercise lots of muscles at the same time when body force lots of strength.
It becomes all parts of muscles are growing up and training results are growing up as well. 
User could see the muscles shapes are done in the short time.


Function of the Unlimited Strength Knob

Turning the Unlimited Strength Knob can increase or decrease the resistance felt during
an exercise. This change helps to increase muscle strength and mass.
When to Use the Unlimited strength Knob
The Unlimited Strength Knob can change to alter the resistance of any rotation movement in the unit.The tightest resistance level can stabilize the Unit.
For example, during routine 7&Routine 9, you can set the tightest resistance for the exercises
to stabilize the Unit.



Muscular Endurance

Times by speed & strength. Faster speed & more powerful, muscles explosiveness is more. Explosiveness training could facilitate energy enzyme in muscles, and promote the speed for exchange muscles to energy & also increase the functions of muscles.


Release strength with one single move, and more muscle, more strength. Unlimited could upgrade

nerves density in muscles, and users are capable to do more different moves.


User should keep moving without breaking. The more time you keep, the more metabolism you have. Metabolism speed will be higher by increasing mitochondria density in muscles.


How to workout

Turn Unlimited strength knob to lower resistance, and rotate Unlimited with most speed you could. Every move is 15 seconds only. Repeat this move and keep a while, then increase the strength resistance slowly each time.


Turn Unlimited to highest resistance and train by cycle numbers. It takes 8~12 cycles every time. When your muscles are more comfort, you will realize the more easy you move.


Turn Unlimited to your comfort resistance, and train by limited time. First users could set up time to 30seconds and increase 5 seconds every time. When the time is 1 minute, user could increase the resistance.


Why 3 types are all required to train?

When the muscular endurance is highest,user should increase extent by training
muscles to improve yourself. When the muscles strength reach limited level,
energy metabolism will stop with muscular Endurance. Without explosiveness,
Muscles will become adornment when muscular not functional.

Unlimited could save users' time to lookfor other functional equipment 
because users could train these three modes inone equipment-Unlimited.
All muscles in whole body are trained.

  By thefeedbacks from Burn Machine 12LBS users, Unlimited provide you more practical trainingcourses because users couldn't watch DVD when training.

Training Courses:

Move -> Unlimited Use Method -> Postures -> Reminding. It also shows training muscle areas when moving.


Overall: L38xW19xH4.8 (cm)  (H:thickness of Strength Knob)
Weight: 10LBS
Materials: Metal ( CNC Process)
Finish: Coating
Logo: Laser (Opposite is strength knob)
Made in Taiwan

Unlimited 10Ib

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